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Pursuing The Shared Goal Of An Amicable Divorce

Coming to the agreement that you and your spouse want to cooperate in the divorce process is a major decision that can save both of you time, money and energy in your resolution efforts. While using mediation or a collaborative divorce has its benefits, neither method is easy to navigate by yourself. Even in these kinds of divorces, it is possible to lose more than you should, which is why you need an attorney trained in mediation and collaborative divorce to help protect your best interests.

Here at Alinea Law, we understand the risks that come from any divorce, which is why our attorneys use their combined experience in mediation and collaborative divorces to help couples move into the next chapters of their lives swiftly and efficiently.

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The Difference Between Mediation And Collaboration

When you consider working with your spouse to resolve your divorce, you may find yourself or hear others use the terms “mediation” and “collaboration” interchangeably, but they have different meanings.


Through mediation, a neutral third party sits with the couple and works with the spouses to reach a mutual agreement over child custody agreements, child support and alimony, and property separation. The neutral third party does not take sides in the matter, only acting as a peacemaker for the couple, and can draft any necessary documents.

Collaborative divorces resemble standard divorces much more closely than mediation. What makes collaborative divorces different is that the spouses are much more willing to work together to resolve matters and avoid litigation in a courtroom by doing so. Additionally, if both parties come to the conclusion that they cannot agree through collaboration, they should hire new legal representation before going to court to settle things.


These methods can also help resolve issues after divorce, like modifying parenting plans.

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Let Us Lead Your Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Washington team prides itself on using a noncombative approach to help clients resolve their divorce quickly so that they can move forward in their lives. We serve clients throughout King, Pierce, Thurston and Snohomish counties.

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