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Estate Planning

You worked hard to buy a home, protect your heirlooms, and build a life for yourself and your family. After all that work, it would only make sense to develop a reliable estate plan that you can count on to enforce your wishes and protect your best interests when you are no longer around or able to act for yourself.

At Alinea Law, we can help you create a custom-tailored plan that reflects your unique needs and looks out for things you may have never considered. Our long-term view of estate planning allows us to help you create a plan that you can trust to protect yourself.

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What You Should Plan For

Estate planning involves more than just deciding who gets what when you pass on. The process allows you to create wills and trusts that dictate how your loved ones receive the assets you want them to have and when they can receive their inheritance. Some trusts even help avoid certain taxes, ensuring your loved ones receive more from you when the time comes.

You can also appoint a guardian to look after your children or any vulnerable adults in your care. Appointing a guardian now eliminates the risk of your dependents going into the custody of someone you would never have picked for them.

Estate planning can also protect you when you are alive. Health care directives allow you to dictate major medical decisions like what kind of medical treatment you would consent to, how long you want to remain on life support, and whether you want to be an organ donor. You can appoint a financial and health care power of attorney to make decisions for you if you cannot act on your own behalf.

Once your plan is in place, you must also remember that it may need to be altered for major life events or changes in the law. We can help you update your plan in the case of events like a change in your estate’s value, whether an increase or decrease, or changes in your family such as new children, grandchildren, getting a divorce, or remarrying.

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Prepare Yourself for Anything

Our team is ready to assist you.  We serve clients throughout King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties. Schedule your free initial consultation with us today.

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