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Family Law

Over time, families change. Sometimes, that change calls for spouses to go their separate ways. Divorce is complicated. It is important to have clear information when preparing for your new future.

Our team at Alinea Law supports clients who face divorce throughout the greater Seattle area. We understand that this time of transition can be emotionally and logistically difficult. You can find dependable advice and attentive service from our attorneys and staff.

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Assisting You With Your Families Future

Throughout a marriage dissolution case, you may need to consider many important decisions, such as:

  • Whether to negotiate a settlement or seek a resolution in trial

  • How to split the value of property, including complex retirement accounts or business interests, while minimizing any financial losses

  • Which assets you want to prioritize, such as the family home or another real estate property

  • How to divide or modify parenting time if both parents share child custody

  • What type of arrangement you want during the process, which may require temporary orders for support or custody


For all the decisions you will make, our attorneys will be ready to give you an experienced perspective so that you can plan accurately for your future. Every divorce is unique, and we will pay attention to your specific goals. You can rely on our knowledge to help you create a customized strategy.

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Protect Your Business Throughout Divorce

If you own a business, one of your divorce priorities might be shielding your business in property division. It is common for spouses to assume that they will get to keep exactly half of a business.

However, the reality is more complicated. Washington courts divide marital property, which may or may not include the business, equitably. This means your case could have several different outcomes – and each outcome could have a varying impact on your business.

A skilled lawyer can help you protect your business. Our attorneys have extensive experience in business law, and we will use our knowledge to further your objectives. Our attorneys can review your circumstances to decide how to best approach both personal and business-related needs.

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Prepare Yourself for Anything

Our team is ready to assist you.  We serve clients throughout King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties. Schedule your free initial consultation with us today.

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