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Legal Protection And Guidance In Property Division

Many spouses expect that property division will become a major battle during a divorce to get their fair share of things. While it is true that divorces can take that route, they do not always have to. It is possible to split things fairly with little to no disputes, with the help of an experienced attorney.


Here at Alinea Law our team knows the difficulties of property division, and we help our clients identify their goals in property division and craft a custom-tailored strategy to help them fulfill their goals. We do not want to see the division process turn into an ugly battle, but we are prepared to fight for you if the other party is not cooperating.

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Prepare Yourself For Everything

To properly prepare for property division in Washington, it pays to know how the state typically divides assets. Any property that a married couple acquires during marriage counts as shared property, which is the form of property that is mostly what is on the chopping block during division negotiations. In most cases, assets you had before marriage are separate property, which can protect the asset from negotiations.

When the courts divide assets, they typically look at several common factors, including:

  • Value of community property

  • Value of separate property

  • How long you were married

  • Your financial situation after the divorce

The courts are not likely to leave one spouse without any assets as they give everything to the other spouse, but that does not mean that you should risk any asset that is rightfully yours by not having an attorney.

When you are already trying to resolve other complicated matters like where your children will live and how much child support should be, it is best to have a skilled attorney help you with your divorce needs.

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See How We Can Help

Our team is ready to assist you.  We serve clients throughout King, Pierce, Thurston and Snohomish counties.  We are ready to help you protect the assets you deserve through litigation or other resolution methods. If you are ready to begin planning how to defend yourself, contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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