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Reviewing the Law

Legal News & Resources

Resources: Resources

Washington State Bar Association Legal Resources

The Washington State Bar Association has many resources for individuals in search of Legal Advice or additional resources to help individuals learn about their rights.

Northwest Justice Project

The Northwest Justice Project provides legal assistance to eligible low-income families and individuals needing help with civil (non-criminal) legal problems in Washington state.

Washington LawHelp

Washington LawHelp is a library of free "know your rights" articles, videos, court forms and do-it-yourself packets covering many common legal issues such as family law, housing, public benefits and money/debt problems. This site also includes a directory of legal aid programs in Washington state. It's a good place to start researching your legal issue.

Washington Court Forms

Washington State provides numerous forms to use in your legal matter. Below you will find forms that are used statewide in Washington Courts for areas such as Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianship, and Protection Orders. 

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